PTPRF(His tagged) / LAR(His tagged)-50

AR09-P0002-50 Abfrontier 50ug 431 EUR

PTPRC(His tagged) / Human CD45 (LCA)(His tagged)-100

AR09-P0001-100 Abfrontier 100ug 345 EUR

PTPRC(His tagged) / Human CD45 (LCA)(His tagged)-25

AR09-P0001-25 Abfrontier 25ug 155 EUR

PTPRC(His tagged) / Human CD45 (LCA)(His tagged)-50

AR09-P0001-50 Abfrontier 50ug 219 EUR

PTPN5(MBP-his tagged) / STEP(MBP-his tagged)-100

AR09-P0003-100 Abfrontier 100ug 244 EUR

PTPN5(MBP-his tagged) / STEP(MBP-his tagged)-25

AR09-P0003-25 Abfrontier 25ug 119 EUR

PTPN5(MBP-his tagged) / STEP(MBP-his tagged)-50

AR09-P0003-50 Abfrontier 50ug 160 EUR

PTPN11(MBP-his tagged) / SHP2(MBP-his tagged)-100

AR09-P0004-100 Abfrontier 100ug 746 EUR

PTPN11(MBP-his tagged) / SHP2(MBP-his tagged)-25

AR09-P0004-25 Abfrontier 25ug 299 EUR

PTPN11(MBP-his tagged) / SHP2(MBP-his tagged)-50

AR09-P0004-50 Abfrontier 50ug 447 EUR

ACP1(MBP-his tagged) / LMPTP(MBP-his tagged)-100

AR09-P0005-100 Abfrontier 100ug 345 EUR

ACP1(MBP-his tagged) / LMPTP(MBP-his tagged)-25

AR09-P0005-25 Abfrontier 25ug 155 EUR

ACP1(MBP-his tagged) / LMPTP(MBP-his tagged)-50

AR09-P0005-50 Abfrontier 50ug 219 EUR

DUSP3(MBP-his tagged) / VHR(MBP-his tagged)-100

AR09-P0006-100 Abfrontier 100ug 303 EUR

DUSP3(MBP-his tagged) / VHR(MBP-his tagged)-25

AR09-P0006-25 Abfrontier 25ug 139 EUR

DUSP3(MBP-his tagged) / VHR(MBP-his tagged)-50

AR09-P0006-50 Abfrontier 50ug 195 EUR

DUSP14(MBP-his tagged) / MKP6(MBP-his tagged)-100

AR09-P0007-100 Abfrontier 100ug 244 EUR

DUSP14(MBP-his tagged) / MKP6(MBP-his tagged)-25

AR09-P0007-25 Abfrontier 25ug 119 EUR

DUSP14(MBP-his tagged) / MKP6(MBP-his tagged)-50

AR09-P0007-50 Abfrontier 50ug 160 EUR

PTP4A3(MBP-his tagged) / PRL-3(MBP-his tagged)-100

AR09-P0008-100 Abfrontier 100ug 215 EUR

PTP4A3(MBP-his tagged) / PRL-3(MBP-his tagged)-25

AR09-P0008-25 Abfrontier 25ug 109 EUR

PTP4A3(MBP-his tagged) / PRL-3(MBP-his tagged)-50

AR09-P0008-50 Abfrontier 50ug 144 EUR

MIF, His-tagged, human

RC712-14H Bio Basic 50ug 169.63 EUR

Flagellin, His-tagged, recombinant

RC772-13 Bio Basic 50ug 169.63 EUR

IL-6, His Tagged

PR27108 Neuromics 50 ug 318 EUR

Visfatin (PBEF), His Tagged

PR27140 Neuromics 5 ug 191 EUR

Human CellExp? Akt1 Protein (His Tagged & Strep Tagged), human recombinant

7886-10 Biovision 343 EUR

Human CellExp? Akt1 Protein (His Tagged & Strep Tagged), human recombinant

7886-25 Biovision 680 EUR

Recombinant Human Rac1, His Tagged

STA-728 Cell Biolabs 50 µg 276 EUR
  • Recombinant Human Rac1 is expressed in E. coli and contains a His tag at the N-terminus. 50 µg/vial.
  • Recombinant protein is raised in E. coli
  • Protein includes a tag
  • Recombinant Protein purified from E. coli

APP (His-tagged), human recombinant

7887-10 Biovision 218 EUR

APP (His-tagged), human recombinant

7887-50 Biovision 675 EUR

AIF1 (His-tagged), human recombinant

7888-10 Biovision 218 EUR

AIF1 (His-tagged), human recombinant

7888-50 Biovision 675 EUR

STAT1 (His-tagged), human recombinant

7889-10 Biovision 349 EUR

STAT1 (His-tagged), human recombinant

7889-25 Biovision 675 EUR

Cu/Zn SOD, His-tagged, human

RC512-12H Bio Basic 20ug 158.75 EUR

Prolytic His-Tagged Protein Miniprep Kit

P6400-010 GenDepot 10 prep 253 EUR

Prolytic His-Tagged Protein Miniprep Kit

P6400-050 GenDepot 50 Prep 658 EUR

Active SIRT6 (His-tagged), human recombinant

7699-100 Biovision 425 EUR

Active SIRT6 (His-tagged), human recombinant

7699-1000 Biovision 2545 EUR

Active SIRT6 (His-tagged), human recombinant

7699-20 Biovision 218 EUR

ErbB4/HER4 (His Tagged), Human Recombinant

7773-5 Biovision 262 EUR

PPAR? (LBD) Human Recombinant (His-tagged)

7878-100 Biovision 457 EUR

PPAR? (LBD) Human Recombinant (His-tagged)

7878-20 Biovision 153 EUR

PPAR? (LBD) Human Recombinant (His-tagged)

7878-500 Biovision 1463 EUR

Ubiquitin (GST tagged)

LF-P0041 Abfrontier 0.5 mg 202 EUR
Description: Ubiquitin (GST tagged) protein

Recombinant Rubella Virus E1 Mosaic, His-tagged

DAG488 Creative Diagnostics mg 1210 EUR

Recombinant LukS-PV (His tagged, N-terminus)

0530-001 IBT Bioservices 100ug 354 EUR
  • Related to: Filoviruses
  • Applications: WB

Recombinant LukF-PV (His tagged, C-terminus)

0536-001 IBT Bioservices 100ug 354 EUR
  • Related to: Alphaviruses
  • Applications: ELISA WB

Active Transglutaminase 2 (His-tagged), human recombinant

7700-10 Biovision 233 EUR

Active Transglutaminase 2 (His-tagged), human recombinant

7700-100 Biovision 592 EUR

Recombinant 2019-nCoV coronavirus, Nucleocapsid protein, His-tagged

N-196V Creative BioMart 100ug 1610 EUR
Description: Recombinant COVID-19 (2019 novel coronavirus) Spike protein (S2 ECD) was fused to His-tag at C-terminus and expressed in Baculovirus-Insect cells. The spike (S) glycoprotein of coronaviruses contains protrusions that will only bind to certain receptors on the host cell.S1 mainly contains a receptor binding domain (RBD) and recognize the cell surface receptor. S2 essential for membrane fusion. S protein are important for neutralizing-antibody and T-cell responses, as well as protective immunity.

Recombinant Dengue Type 2, NS1 Protein, His Tagged

DAG442 Creative Diagnostics 100ug 614 EUR

Recombinant Trypanosoma Cruzi 1F8 (25.8 kDa), His-tagged

DAG446 Creative Diagnostics 0.25mg 1001 EUR

Recombinant Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme) Osp-C, His-tagged

DAG574 Creative Diagnostics 100ug 810 EUR

Recombinant Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme) Osp-A, His-tagged

DAG575 Creative Diagnostics 100ug 810 EUR

slingshot homolog 1 (SSH1)(MBP-his tagged)-100

AR09-P0023-100 Abfrontier 100ug 8007 EUR

slingshot homolog 1 (SSH1)(MBP-his tagged)-25

AR09-P0023-25 Abfrontier 25ug 2892 EUR

slingshot homolog 1 (SSH1)(MBP-his tagged)-50

AR09-P0023-50 Abfrontier 50ug 4597 EUR

slingshot homolog 3 (SSH3)(MBP-his tagged)-100

AR09-P0024-100 Abfrontier 100ug 1182 EUR